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A Healthy Understanding of the Book of Revelation

By Dr. Rodney Haire

Deepen your faith in the New Year! This work of historical fiction places you in Revelation! Join John and friend Eli as you experience this last, majestic book of the Bible. A teacher’s guide is also available for churches and schools!

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Genetically Modified Prophecies

Genetically Modified Prophecies as a last-days boarding call, is a gem of the genetics that brings a homing pigeon back to her nest or a long-lost doggie 2,000 miles back to his master after assumed forever lost. Ironically NASA now uses similar clues in deep-space probes, not unlike the genius of Gen 1, “In the beginning, God…” GMP is new; GMP is for real. And it fits our sub-title: What Happened to all the Sand and Stars God Promised to Abraham?

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The POWER of Hospitality

The POWER of Hospitality will…. IGNITE passion in your marriage; INFUSE hoped-for healing in your family; INSPIRE life-changing ministry; INVEST churches with heart-mending hope. An Open Heart, Open Hand, and Open Home WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD. “Chuck and Kathie Crismier have touched a nerve.” —Jack Hayford

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Quality, long-lasting food you will love

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