Advertising Opportunities from Strang Communications
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Banner advertising allows you to have exposure on the websites of your choice – totaling 7 million unique visitors per month. You can also determine when and how often your banner ads will appear. You can even focus your banner ad exposure to a specific geographical region.

During and at the end of your campaign, we can tell you how many times your banner ad was shown each day, and how many people clicked on it, to be directed to your website.

We send over 20 different e-newsletters each week to over 100,000 opt-in subscribers who have signed up to receive our award-winning editorial – some to Christian women, some for Christian men, some for church leaders. So, no matter your target audience, we can bring their e-mail inbox to you.

Your 160x600 ad will be the only ad within the e-newsletter, and it will be hyperlinked to send people directly to your website.

Send a custom e-mail with that will only contain your message. We can help design your e-mail for you, or you can design it yourself.

Upon sending your e-mail to our list of opt-in subscribers, all whom have signed up to receive messages from our advertising partners, we can report to you how many people opened the e-mail and how many click on your ad to take further actions.